02 FEB 2018

Update on Marks & Spencer

Kit Malthouse MP and I have secured a meeting with the Head of Public Affairs, Tony Ginty, in Parliament on Wednesday to ask Marks & Spencer to reconsider the proposed closure of their Andover store.

Kit has written to the Chairman, Archie Norman – and I have also written to every member of the Board – setting out what I believe are compelling arguments for Marks & Spencer to remain in Andover.

Not least because of the substantial housebuilding programme and population growth in the town in recent years, which is continuing – and allied to this is the massive proposed public sector investment such as the urban park as part of the Town Mills Riverside Project and the creation of a cultural quarter in the town centre. I'm concerned that a sufficiently up to date assessment of the future of Andover has not been undertaken and used to inform their decision

In short, I believe that there are powerful strategic reasons why Marks & Spencer would want to retain a presence in Andover – and we will put this forward when we meet them on Wednesday.

In the meantime well done to Cllr Iris Andersen - who is collecting signatures outside the store for them to remain open.

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