Alamein ward comprises the built up area of Andover north of the railway line, including the settlements of King Arthurs Way, Roman Way, Viking Way, Cricketers Way, Lillywhite Crescent, Loveridge Close & Swallowfields. It also includes the rural villages of Smannell, Enham Alamein, Knights Enham, Finkley & Little London. It is a large area encompassing approximately 4,000 households, with 2,500 homes currently being built at East Anton over the next decade. Building on Augusta Park the new settlement at East Anton has already begun and many of the dwellings are now being occupied.

Alamein Ward has many redeeming features whether it be the hustle and bustle of the Entertainer Pub in King Arthurs Way, its vibrant and quality primary schools, the beautiful rural countryside in parts of Smannell & Upper Enham encompassing The Oak public house, the beautiful 12th Century Church at Knights Enham or the history of the village of Enham Alamein and its intertwined relationship with the two world wars. It is a honour and a privilege to serve the people of Alamein Ward in this eclectic and beautiful part of Andover and its surrounds.

Enham Alamein – A Brief History

In 1919 a consortium of London businessmen purchased Enham Place a country house that until then dominated the tiny scattered hamlet of Enham and started a rehabilitation centre for disabled men from the First World War. Enham Place was demolished in 1939, and replaced by Enham Industries where victims of the war helped to make Nissen huts and barrage balloons. The village grew as more houses were donated by people who valued the work of the Enham Village Centre.

In August 1942 Lieutenant-General Montgomery led the British Eighth Army to victory in the battle of El Alamein, taking control of the Suez Canal, and gaining access to the Middle Eastern oil fields.  This was a major turning point in the Second World War.  The village in turn became Enham-Alamein when Egyptian donors gave substantial funds for further building in gratitude for saving Egypt from occupation.

Enham today still provides residential care and employment to disabled people  with individually designed progrmmes to develop the confidence and skills each person needs  to progress into the form of living and employment that matches their goals.

Parish Councils

The Alamein Ward includes the two Parish Councils of Smannell & Enham. They are both elected bodies and elections are held at the same time as the Test Valley Borough Council elections. Parish Councils are responsible for some local matters, including general spending in which parish councils can spend a limited amount of money on anything they deem to benefit the community. Parish Councils must also be notified of planning applications in their parish and can submit comments on these applications to the planning authority. These comments must be taken into account by that planning authority in this case Test Valley Borough Council.


Please see below links to both the Smannell & Enham Parish Council Websites:

Enham Alamein Parish Council

Smannell Parish Council




Andover Town Council

Andover Town Council, which has the same powers and responsibilities as a Parish Council, was set up in 2010.  It emcompasses the areas of Alamein Ward outside the Parish boundaries of Smannell & Enham.

Alamein Community Association

The Alamein Community Association was set up in 2007 to promote the benefit of all the inhabitants of Alamein ward, to provide facilities in the interests of local residents and to maintain the King Arthur's Hall for the benefit of local people.

A set of priorities were agreed in 2007 and the association set out to work with other groups to achieve these. After two years work by a number of agencies all of these have been achieved including computer classes and IT access, after school clubs, health advice, evening classes, bingo and other social events, arts and music projects (including the film Inside Out) and a community newsletter. The association has built links with many other local groups and obtained funding of over £38,000 for local projects. The association now hopes to build on that success by finding more funding for the coming year to increase its work in the area and involve more local residents from across the ward in its activities. For more information – please see the below link to the Alamein Community Association website.

Alamein Community Association

Augusta Park Community Association

The Augusta Park Community Association was set up in 2012 for all residents of the new development.  For more information see a link to their website here









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