I am a Local Conservative Councillor representing the residents of Alamein Ward on Test Valley Borough Council, I was elected in 2007 and re-elected in 2011 and 2015. I was born in Hampshire and have lived in Andover all my life. I graduated from University in 2006 with an honours degree in Politics. I have had experience in industry and have worked for an affiliate marketing company and Barclays Asset Finance. I now work for a Member of Parliament.  I joined the Conservatives in 2003 and have been active ever since, campaigning across the country.

In my spare time – I love watching football and I'm a Season Ticket holder at Southampton FC (somebody's got to do it).

My number one priority is to get things done for local residents so if you need me to take action to help improve the environment you live in, get in contact.

In addition, I am the Corporate Portfolio Holder on the Council's Cabinet, a member of the General Purposes Committee and a member of the planning committee which makes decisions on planning applications submitted to the Council in the North of Test Valley. I was previously Vice-Chairman of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee (OSCOM), which scrutinises decisions made by the cabinet. I also chaired the Budget Panel which is a sub committee of the main OSCOM, focusing on matters relating to the budget.  Before this I chaired the Leaders Panel & the Environmental Services Portfolio Panel.  I have also served as a school governor for Smannell & Enham Primary School.

Why am I a Conservative?

  • I believe a low tax economy is a good economy both in terms of personal and business tax.
  • I believe business should be set free from bureaucracy – so Britain can compete in the global market.
  • I believe in less interference from the state, more freedom for individuals, families, voluntary organisations and businesses.
  • I believe in personal responsibility.  Instead of turning to the state we should turn to each other. I believe in a hand up rather than hand out approach.
  • I want to safeguard the Union of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and uphold our right to national self government.
  • I recognise that our armed forces are the bravest and the best in the world and I wish to re-commit ourselves as a nation to the military covenant and make sure they are provided with the equipment they need and want.
  • I believe we should be tough on crime and focus on tackling the real causes of crime.
  • I believe in defending our borders and capping immigration. We should bring communities together by integration, mutual respect, teaching British Citizenship in our schools and teaching English.
  • I believe that real equality in education means giving children education that is best for them – this includes setting & streaming and competition in our schools.
  • I believe in devolving power downwards and outwards so decisions are taken as close as possible to the people they affect.









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If you have any ideas, issues or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Address: Cllr Phil North, C/O TVBC, Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3AJ.

Call: 077324 23023

Email: phil.north@testvalley.org.uk

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